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I am so grateful for all of the testimonies that my customers have submitted. It brings me great joy to know that they truly enjoy creating with my products.

"Jewel, I just need to tell you how much you have impacted my life, from the time we met and then you designing the Jewel Loom before I transitioned from making jewelry to becoming a weaver and fiber artist. My Jewel loom made the transition with me. I went from using it to do bead work to weaving fibers to incorporating them together. Just when I thought things couldn't get better they did, all to the thanks of you and your creation of the beautiful Weaving Goddess. Now I can weave and bead bigger and better things. I learned to make triple wrap bracelets on the jewel loom and now I can make them wrap five times. I can create tapestries and other larger weavings on her. I know there will be much more she will show me I can do on her in the future. Thank you again for all your creative ideas and love you share with all of us."


"Hi J, 💙 I remember when the very first Jewel Loom came to market several years ago and I was one of the very first people to have the opportunity to work with it. I now have the new design as well!! Being more of a paper crafter than a jewelry / bead enthusiast I wasn’t sure I could even weave it make jewelry😘. Julianna encouraged me to give it a try and WOW .... just like that .... I was in LOVE with the Jewel Loom. The Jewel loom makes it so easy to create beautiful jewelry pieces and mixed media projects!!! I highly recommend it for beginners or experts who want an easy fast option for looming! Happy creating ❤️Thanks Julianna... aka.. The Jewel Goddess for such an ANAZING product! "


"Although more simple in design than a luxury car and more complex in function than a hand pieced quilt, the Jewel Loom Weaving Goddess (JLWG) follows the tradition that allows a tool to also be a work of art. The newest looms from Julianna Avelar express the same effectiveness of function yet finally reflect the heartfelt compassion of their creator as well as the inherent beauty found in the act of creation itself while in the hands of the user. I’ve been a fan of the Original Jewel Loom (OGL) for years now. It has been and continues to be my favorite for teaching seed beading on a loom to new students, particularly when I travel. The most compelling reasons for this are because of its portability, its tension when strung, & finally its ease of use. I refer to the design that keeps the weaving work suspended so that your hands can move freely below as well as above. Ah, but we were speaking about the new Goddess JLWG. I am pleased to say that the Original informs the new! The Mini Goddess has a wider base than the OGL, can recreate similar tension and holds the working area above the tool for easy access. These features scale up to the larger Loom as well. Not just pleasing to the eye, the wood structure has a very natural feel. Because the surface is unfinished, it practically begs to be personalized. I’ve colored the Chakra designs on mine using colored pencils and I’ve seen many other examples from other artists using other materials. The Goddess shape is a thoughtful reference to the energy of creation. As such, it does not have to exclude male users. The crisp cut Chakra designs are a nice added touch. The true delight can be found in the supportive messages carved into the needles & the stand. One cannot help but feel positive when sitting down to make something artful. Additionally, the tapered waist makes a nice handhold (or knee hold if you are reclining). Finally, the form of the JLWG lends itself to many techniques from seed bead loom weaving to macramé, textile weaving, braiding, ladder weaving and I’m sure much, much more. I keep finding more uses every day. The teeny tiny drawback I’ve found is that since it comes already assembled, it cannot be folded flat. Oh well, that means I keep mine proudly displayed when not in use. I will concede that I have seen several of them packed into a suitcase that traveled across the country so I’m not too worried about the durability. Thanks for listening- Peace & Love, Christiane Ross"



Enjoy this collection of Weaving Goddess designs by Julianna C. Avelar and Artists from all over the US.


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