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Ebb and Flow of Life

sacred journal Jun 04, 2019

I am absolutely fascinated by the shifting in tides. 

I can feel it happening and when the water rises and bulges at the seams it feels full like I could jump out of my skin and burst my heart wide open. 

When she rolls back out again and the pillars are exposed with all of the sea life and water marks I am reminded of the ebbs and flows of life. 

One moment super high and joyful then something comes along, a trigger, a memory or some sort of news that tries to shake me. 

It’s the in-between moments of knowing, remembering and focusing on the love where I find peace. It is also in the detachment to outcome where I find my breath. Something I am working on by surrendering life to Divine Source. 

This human experience can feel like a wave out at sea or a vessel tightly tied to the docks. Either way, you are protected, safe and loved. 

Blessings Jewels 


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