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Come celebrate my Birthday with me in the beautiful Czech Republic during the most gorgeous time of year. We will be visiting the bead factories and experiencing this one in lifetime adventure together!

A Czech Bead Journey Deluxe with Jewels

Come celebrate Jewels’ birthday on a beading extravaganza in The Czech Republic October 6-14, 2018 Imagine t...

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"I thoroughly enjoyed making this bracelet."

Kay Conway

"I was surprised how fast it was to make. "

Gina Crow

"I love seeing how people come up with different ways to use the loom!!!"

Kris Barge

"So looking forward to more online classes. Would love to see a kit that is a throw back to the bracelets with the loops all across it. Loved that bracelet. Received my VIP kits and am thrilled. Thank you so much. Blessings......I look forward to many more classes and kits. I love learning this way. You Rock."

Judi Rimshaw Thomas

"Just finished my awareness cuff. It was so much fun! I am going through my bead stash to play with it some more. Thank you for the great coaching!"

Alison Futch Engell

"I do need to tell you Julianna, the new way of finishing off the ends that you showed in the class is a game changer! I LOVE LOVE the clean look of the new way. Thanks so much for the teachings and value of the kit you made available to us. Hoping there will be another!"

Carm Gargiulo

"If you have been looking for the perfect Reiki teacher, I HIGHLY recommend Julianna's Reiki workshops. I was actually introduced to Reiki over 20 years ago and set my practice aside for many years. When it was time for a reattunement, I knew exactly who I wanted and Julianna's workshop was beyond my expectations. Her Chakra Balancing with essential oils is a perfect complement to Reiki! I am so delighted to welcome Reiki back into my daily practices. If you don't know about Reiki but are interested in hands-on healing, this is a great place to start. Don't wait! Sign up for this class before it fills up! Tiffany M. Windsor"

Tiffany M. Windsor