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Several years ago I decided to make some huge life changes that really affected my overall well-being. I was on an emotional roller coaster of grief, depression and that horrible feeling of just not knowing who I was. Everything became super messy! With the help of my family, friends and some deep dives into finding my truth, life started to evolve. doTERRA essential oils have played a huge role in my continued efforts to be my most authentic self. Clary Calm has become my new best friend for hormone balancing, Deep Blue has supported my physical body and Frankincense has helped to improve my overall health. I cannot imagine not having these amazing products in my life. I would love to share my oil passion with you and to help guide you in achieving your own personal goals. Let me show you how!


When you purchase an enrollment kit your $35 membership fee is waived. If you would like to create your own getting started kit and your order totals $150 or more I will give you a bottle of oil worth $35 to help offset the membership fee. You can email me at [email protected] to set up a one on one consultation to determine how I can best serve you.

Family Essential Kit

I would have given anything to have doTERRA essential oils in my life when Josh was a baby. The parenting community that exists today using essential oils is something that I craved so deeply for when he was young. Now I can pay it forward and show all caregivers how to help the most important people in their life! 

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Aroma Touch Kit

This hands on approach to applying  the oils onto ones hands, feet and back is the most beautiful process I have ever received and given. Not only is this the perfect kit for body workers but it makes for a very thoughtful gift. I personally love this one! 

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Home Essentials Kit

Everything you need for your home including a diffuser is in the Home Essentials kit. I use each and everyone of these oils almost daily. Breathe is my go to when the air quality is challenging here in California and Frankincense is amazing for overall immune building. 

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Restore and Cleanse Kit

This power kit is filled with the essentials to promote lifelong health. The Lifelong Vitality program is a must have daily supplement. This is our #1 Seller. Whenever I ask what should I take for xyzzy…I am always asked, are you taking your LLV? Its really good stuff! 

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All Oil Kit

Well I must admit that this is how I got started in doTERRA. I have a huge background in product and I knew that I would want to experience these oils before I started to tell the World how amazing they were. It was the best decision I could have made for myself, my business and my clients. 

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