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"The beginning of the Awakening Process" 

I am so excited to share this journey with you. I developed this course to be super easy and fun. The Jewel Loom is something I asked the Universe and God for over 20 years ago. I knew when the time was right it would be born! And that’s what this course is all about.

"Asking for something and Believing you are going to Receive it in Divine time".

That is why I refer to this course as "The Beginning". Sometimes in life we realize that perhaps something is not going as we planned, maybe our relationship, job or business is just not bringing us the joy that it should. When this happens it can be overwhelming and super confusing. So what I want you to do is think about where you are, what it is that you would like to receive, ask for it and believe that it will be!

A simple baby step too living a more loving and abundant life! 

I created the Awareness Beaded Cuff to help guide you through the process while you are sitting with your thoughts and intentions.  It is a very simple beaded cuff designed with big beads that you do not have to stress out trying to find the hole or super advanced techniques that will take you hours if not days to learn. This cuff will symbolize the change you want to make. It will always be there to help remind you of your power to shift into a new way of thinking and living. 

Numerous people both beginners and advanced beaders have truly enjoyed the process. They love their cuffs and the gentle guidance of becoming "Aware".


How to Video’s broken down into segments so you can go back and watch what you need to learn or revisit.

Professional instruction from the inventor of the Jewel Loom, Julianna 

Step by Step How To directions clearly demonstrated and communicated for all levels of bead makers 

Tips & Techniques by Julianna to help you use your Jewel Loom 

Oodles of Kindness and Love that will be with you forever! 

Thanks for stopping by. Please email me if you have any questions about the course. 

Blessings & Love Jewels